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Awakening Healing Center, LLC

Why Coaching is needed?

Ever heard of the Laws of Attraction, Laws of Assumption, and Laws of Action? Want to change your life but don't know how or have difficulty manifesting that positive change?  Do you feel overwhelmed and anxious?  Do you always feel stuck? Have you ever wondered why you don't manifest your desired goals into a reality?  Have you ever wondered why bad things keep happening to you?  Do you want to feel fulfilled, happy, peaceful and joy?  Do you want an abundant life?

When you are ready to want to manifest the desires in your life, working with a coach can help you provide the tools needed to help you succeed and reach your desired goals.  They can educate and guide you on mindset change, subconscious reprogramming, meditation, affirmations, self discovery and reflection, and accountability.  Coaches can also be there to support you, celebrate you, inspire you, and empower you. 

About Manifestation Coaching Program

The Manifestation Coaching program is a life coaching program to help guide and support each client to manifest their desired goals in life.  The program is designed to help the client learn the necessary tools such as meditation, subconscious reprogramming, affirmations, needed to succeed at a deeper level.  In the program, I will facilitate necessary spiritual and energetic healing, educate them on strategies and tools to reach their goals, hold them accountable, and celebrate their successes.    

Manifestation Coaching Virtual Services or in person

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Manifestation Coaching -Basic Level

Coaching package of $600 a month including 4 sessions a month, online group support on Facebook, 2 group sessions a month, 2 reiki sessions 30 min

Manifestation Coaching- Gold Level

Coaching package of $800 a month including 4 coaching sessions a month, online group support on Facebook, 2 group sessions a month, plus four 30 min reiki sessions